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Client, JEN

I came to Lorianna with an overwhelm of objectives that despite my best efforts, I couldn't seem to chip away at. With patience, kindness and skill, Lorianna helped me hone in on a priority goal - building my confidence and self-worth. Working with Lorianna through a series of personalized strategies affected a huge shift in my self-perception and value which has rippled across all areas of my life. I now feel confident that I have the right tools to help me navigate challenges as well as celebrate success. 


As an entrepreneur and a high achiever, it's difficult for me to find people who can challenge me in just the right way. Working with Lorianna forced me to look at ways I tend to avoid discomfort and in essence hold myself back. The tips and tools she provided helped me make changes and take steps that have brought me closer to my goals and more in line with my purpose in this world. - M. Hallmark (business woman, leader, entrepreneur)

Client, TIMOTHY K.

Lorianna is spectacular. She asks great questions, challenges me, and really makes me analyze myself. The organization and efficiency of my days have improved tremendously with her help. I feel inspired and a sense of satisfaction after every session. I am a step closer to my goals and am a better person because of her. 

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